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Technology Partner for Change-Makers

Eusabian solutions - building a better world

At Eusabian, we are more than a technology solution provider. We are a partner to those looking to make a global impact. With a focus on providing next-level, budget-conscious software development for change-makers, our software development services are designed with the intent to transform the world.

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Case Studies


Tomodachi is a connectivity platform that enables students to create unique content and present work to audiences beyond the classroom.

Web Design & Development


QTALK® is a language learning method based on a series of icons placed grammatically and interpreted as full complex sentences.

Web Design & Development


EvalX is a survey system add-on, an interface that allows users to take any link, turn it into a charity campaign, and improve participation in your survey in the process.

Web Development

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Jane Vancil

CEO & Founder, IncentiLock

Achieving Enterprise Scale and Performance

Eusabian Technologies was a game changer for IncentiLock. Their expertise transformed my concept for tax incentive software into a true enterprise-level product. The complexity of the algorithms and data was a challenge for both of my previous vendors to build and operate because they couldn’t scale and didn’t understand my business requirements.

My largest customers have very complicated incentive agreements and this is where IncentiLock now shines. They are a true ally in building and scaling the technology we needed to now serve a range of clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Maurice Hazan

Affordable Professional Expertise

What I am getting from them is Silicon Valley quality top-notch programming at an affordable price that small companies can afford.” A small company like mine can’t afford the hourly rates at other firms that have the level of expertise we need. They have a professional expertise that other lower cost firms didn’t have.


Because they have other big clients, they can apply their previous experience and pass it on to me, but they never throw any technical jargon at me. They are never condescending. It’s like they are part of your own company and not a separate entity.

Our satisfied clients vouch for our dedication and expertise

What Do Our Clients Say?


Proven Dedication to Social Impact:

Over 10 years of commitment to social entrepreneurship give us a deep understanding of your unique challenges, positioning us to conceive truly impactful solutions that fit your constraints.


Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach:

We work with you to provide custom-fit design and development throughout the product development journey, from discovery to launch and beyond.


Diverse Expertise to Meet Your Needs:

We are adept at greenfield products and rebuilding legacy platforms to improve quality and optimize your performance and cost. Numerous clients credit our transformative solutions for saving their business and increasing the impact of their products.

Why OPT for Eusabian Technology?

We're not just developers; we're advocates for your cause.

Our Approach

Ready to commence your organization's digital journey?

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Needs

We collaborate closely with non-profit organizations, deeply aligning ourselves with your visions and challenges. This significant accord enables us to tastefully craft solutions that can help you create a greater impact.

Custom-Solution Creation

Leveraging our niche-specific expertise with state-of-the-art design and development capabilities, we roll out end-user-friendly web and mobile applications specific to your needs. Our solutions are designed, keeping user engagement and platform adoption in mind to ensure your success.

Streamlining Operations

We ensure our solutions' smooth integration with your existing platforms and systems for better management of your operations. This lets you save precious resources and attention, which you can then focus more on your mission.

Begin Your Journey with Eusabian Technology Today

Ready to start achieving your potential at digital scale? Get in touch with Eusabian Technologies to discover how our tailor-made web and mobile technology solutions can achieve your vision and create unprecedented product impact.

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