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Henry Biggs, PhD, JD, MS

CEO and General Counsel, Eusabian

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EvalX is a survey system add-on, an interface that allows users to take any link, turn it into a charity campaign, and improve participation in your survey in the process..

Survey system


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IncentiLock is the first tax incentive management platform to quickly and easily calculate earned incentive benefits for adding jobs or investing capital.

Software for Incentives


AXIO is a fully articulated survey system forged originally to meet the more granular needs of higher education systems.

COLLINGUO offers students an opportunity to prepare for upper level foreign language tests and perform to their appropriate level.

Hand your calendar over to Callieandar — losing too much time trying to just make your appointments? Send out a link and let Callendar do the work for you.

An RSVP system that allows you to schedule events, invite attendees, add customized questions and then track the full specifics for your event.

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Most development companies are not comfortable with the communication of rates, but transparency is our cornerstone. The costs for the services we provide are extraordinary, and we are confident you will be as thrilled with our services as our clients are. 

Henry Biggs, PhD, JD

CEO and General Counsel, Eusabian

"Our standard rate is $45 per hour - you're welcome! "

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